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Damage to your foundation might have occurred due to prior earth movement, age or even poor drainage. Small cracks can cause big problems in the future if it’s not fixed immediately. When left unchecked and neglected, it will lead to additional cost and in many cases; pose a risk to your structure.



Hire Dallas Foundation & get your New Strengthened Foundation in just 4 easy steps:

Step 1: Assessment
Your property will be inspected by a certified foundation inspector. You will get a detailed report, professional analysis and the proper solution. Then we schedule a date to complete the work.

Step 2:Preparation

Thorough site preparation for a smooth and fast repair process.

Step 3: Strengthening and securing your home:
Using state-of-the-art equipment and qualified technicians that will utilize their knowledge & years of experience to carefully dig, reinforce & level the foundation and home walls based on the agreed upon solution. In addition, drainage system repair & replacement, in case needed.

Step 4: Cleanup
Thorough cleanup including: yard, walkways and driveway, assuring your property has a great fresh look like no construction ever happened.


It’s not just about foundation repair…it’s about the security of you and your property.

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