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Foundation Repair Dallas

foundation_repair_dallasDallas Foundation Repair is a family owned and operated business with over 35 years of experience in house earthquake retrofitting, foundation repair, house leveling, retaining walls, and bracing walls. Providing complete protection to you, your family, and your investment.

We will do the job right the first time

If you’re experiencing settling foundations, cracks in drywall, sagging floor joists, a sinking slab, and cracked slab or if the building is on unsuitable foundation soils, we have the solution to your problem. We have professional concrete contractors that have the knowledge to make your repairs as swift and painless as possible.



Foundation RepairOver 35 years experience in foundation repair

Left unchecked and uncorrected, foundation cracks can pose a risk to your structure.
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Slab Crack RepairOver 35 years experience in foundation repair

Don’t wait until a small crack causes major foundation damage.

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House LevelingTrouble with doors or windows not closing properly?

If so, the house may need to be leveled. With 35 years experience we can help!
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